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    Cardinal  Newman  Academy
    - A Four Year Preparatory High School -
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Regina Pacis Academy and Cardinal Newman Academy

Offer students their patrimony in the Catholic Faith within a classical education. Students learn to do all things well, aware that they act in the presence of their heavenly Father. Our teachers demonstrate their witness to the Faith, their dedication to education and their affection for their pupils.The reception of the Sacraments sustains the life of the schools. We believe this education should be affordable for all those who seek it.

Our Goal

Is an integrated life with Jesus Christ at the center, which will ensure that all natural gifts and interests are ordered properly. We seek to impart a philosophy of life, as much as intellectual formation. Only through the Cross can the Christian heart be purified and the joy for which it longs be fulfilled. This is the "narrow path" Jesus proposed to us by precept and example.


Frequent reception of the Sacraments is not mandatory but it is essential.

Catechesis of
the Good Shepherd

A tailored program of Theology, integrated into the curriculum of the lower grades.


All children receive training in this form of the sacred music of the Church.


Training to prepare for continuing, secondary, and graduate level academic careers.

"Simply educating a child with the skills to excel in the world is not enough. Regina Pacis Academy puts its primary focus on forming a child to know why they were created and how to live."

Richard and Maritere Crum (Parents)